Pierre-Francois Poulin-公证师


I had the chance to work with Priscilla for many years now.  Priscilla has always been very professional and respectful of my work.  She has always been punctual  and most important thing her clients are very well prepared for the meeting with me and her files are always well documented.
Her kindness and professionalism make Priscilla a very good agent for her clients and for  notaries.
Pierre-Francois Poulin, notary
有幸与王钧合作到现在,已经有好几年了 。她非常专业并且尊重我的工作。每次公证时,她都非常准,最重要的是,她的客户总是准的最充分的,她的材料是井井有条的。
证师Pierre-Francois Poulin